I am Tracy Gilchrist and I am a Nurse Aromatherapist. As a highly experienced Nurse with 25 years experience, I now use that knowledge, combined with my expertise in therapeutic-grade essential oils, here at Etoile Essentials. 

Meet Tracy.

It took a really bad day at work (doesn’t it always?) and a chance comment to make me realise I needed to change in order to improve my health.

As a highly experienced Nurse with 25 years experience, it’s true to say that I loved my colleagues, my patients and my job…

But I was exhausted!

I knew the physical and mental demands of my job meant I couldn’t do another winter in the NHS, let alone another five years to take me through to retirement. A new direction beckoned.

Tracy Gilchrist - Nurse | Tracy Gilchrist | Etoile Essentials

Products & Services

Wellness Consultations with a Selection of Sample Oils.

Discover how essential oils can relieve your symptoms and work with your current medications and health conditions, not against them. 


Coaching with Essential Oil Therapy

Your life, either personal or work/business, may need a reset from time to time. Find out how my expertise can help you feel amazing every single day!


Rollerball Blends: A Unique Way to Use Essential Oils.

Bespoke to your personal requirements, easy to apply and safe to use with your health conditions and medications.


Enjo: Enjoying a Cleaner, Safer, Healthier Home

NEW! Clean your home without harmful chemicals using Austrian fibre technology.