Hello, I'm Tracy.

I am a Nurse Aromatherapist. This wasn’t how I always described myself, so it’s probably an idea to let you know how something about me and how it all began….

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It took a really bad day at work (doesn’t it always?) and a chance comment to make me realise I needed to change in order to improve my health.

As a highly experienced nurse with 25 years experience, it’s true to say that I loved my colleagues, my patients and my job…

But I was exhausted!

I knew the physical and mental demands of my job meant I couldn’t do another winter in the NHS, let alone another five years to take me through to retirement.


A new direction beckoned.

A year before this blinding-light moment, a friend had recommended a blend of essential oils for my respiratory health – and wow, they worked first time!

For the first time, in a long time, I awoke the next morning feeling bright, breezy, awake and able to breathe easier than I had done for months.

I became an overnight convert; an enthusiast. I was so enthusiastic about the positive benefits I felt, I began sharing the oils with my family, friends and my work colleagues.

Because I saw the massive improvements using the oils made to my emotional and physical health, I decided to retrain as an Aromatherapist.

When I was at school, I hated chemistry, but you know what they say; you never stop learning. So, here I was learning about essential oils and being amazed about how they actually work…it’s all chemistry!

I now use these certified, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils from Doterra in my holistic wellness business.

Then came a light bulb moment.

After many months working with clients, using different oils and oil blends to help them with a whole variety of health issues, I realised I wasn’t just an Aromatherapist.

Instinctively I was using the expertise I developed during my nursing career to select essential oils suitable for my client’s health conditions and their medications. My understanding of their health issues enables me to offer more holistic treatments.

This is my speciality; it’s where my expertise lies.

So, with some straight advice from my mentors and a little courage and a sharp intake of breath – ‘Tracy Gilchrist Nurse Aromatherapist’ – was born.

If you want to know how I can help you in the way I helped myself, get in touch.

Tracy Gilchrist - Student | Tracy Gilchrist | Etoile Essentials