Products and Services.

Holistic wellness consultations and pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and chemical-free cleaning. 

Wellness Consultation with a Selection of Sample Oils.

Discover how essential oils can relieve your symptoms and work with your current medications and health conditions, not against them. 

This consultation includes a one-to-one conversation about your health issues and a set of sample essential oils. 

You will receive selected essential oils with written guidance on how to use them safely. 

45 Minute Consultation

Coaching with Essential Oil Therapy

 Find relief from stress, overwhelm, insomnia, anxiety and even the menopause with essential oils and bespoke rollerball blends, easy to use within your home and work environment. Learn how to holistically improve your daily life so you wake up feeling amazing!

This package includes a health assessment, appropriate essential oil therapy, lifestyle guidance and appropriate coaching techniques over six one hour sessions.

You will receive selected essential oils with written guidance on how to use them safely. 

6 x 60 Minute Consultations

Rollerball Blends: A Unique Way to Use Essential Oils.

You can purchase bespoke combinations of essential oils that have been suspended in a carrier oil for ready to use topical application.

Never be without your favourite oil again. So easy to use, the rollerball applicators can fit into have bag and site easily on a bedside table.

Book a call to discuss your requirements.

ENJO: Enjoy a Cleaner, Safer, Healthier Home

Would you like to spend less time and money on cleaning and more time doing the things you love? Are you concerned about the risks that toxic chemicals and plastic waste present to our health and the environment?

Enjo is a range of cost effective, chemical free cleaning products that will make your home healthier AND more environmentally friendly.

In addition to my other services, I now offer these new products via a 1-2-1 appointment or a demonstration with your friends and family.

Please Note

Some services may require a pre-session health questionnaire